Started on 18th March 2021

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Harib Shaqsy, Speaker, Author and Organizer

Harib Shaqsy, Speaker, Author and Organizer
Harib Shaqsy, Speaker, Author and Organizer

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CoachMastering Webinar Event…

  • A collection of free and paid webinars designed specifically for all types of entrepreneurs can be found here. Watch as our experts share their business success recipes, which they've spent years perfecting and sharing with world entrepreneurs. These webinars, which are jam-packed with real-life examples, can help you make better business decisions and achieve your objectives.
  • Winning new customers in a changing economy

    With a strong economic recovery expected in this world, companies must prepare now to take advantage of potential opportunities. Learn how to close leads more quickly and develop your sales processes to grow your business.

    How to Change The Company to Survive in the New Normal at COVID-19

    The COVID-19 pandemic is upsetting our daily routines and putting entrepreneurs in a position of unparalleled uncertainty. You’ll have to adjust your company to the current economic situation. This free, live webinar will walk you through a step-by-step process for managing risks, developing contingency plans, and equipping your company with a strategic vision that considers the changing landscape.

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    Step-by-step coaching for performance

    a few coaching steps that will give managers and supervisors like you a solid foundation from which to inspire and engage employees to perform better across all KPIs.

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